This is why you should hold your wedding in an Italian castle

Being married in a castle is a great achievement for any couple. Italy has many elegant castles that you can hold your wedding or recommend a friend. Some of this castles have great history. Some were residence of high lords during the middle ages. Some were built as defensive structures to defend a kingdom during wars. Thanks to their locations nowadays they provide a glorious setting for a romantic wedding.

Italian castles provides rooms and halls with original thick walls, historical paintings and furniture that will make you feel like king and queen as you walk down the aisle. Italian castle wedding venues always provide a thrilling experience that will last in your memories for the rest of your life.

The original beauty of the castle has been refurnished with modern comforts. This brings some sense of security and comfort knowing that you are in a building that was used by kings and queen or a defensive structure that was used during great battles. The modern additions makes them comfortable for you and your guests. You can rent a castle for a day or two and your guest will surely remember the warm welcome to you will receive.

Italian castle wedding venues are big enough to hold a good number of guests. For example Castello Odescalchi is big enough to hold up to 600 guests.

The castles also provides accommodation so you don’t need to worry where you will spend the night after the wedding. The comfort of this castles is good enough to be considered as your honeymoon. You can pay ground fee for a few hours or you can rent the whole castle for a day or two.

The other benefit of Italian castle wedding venues is that most of them are near cities and towns. This makes it easy for you and your guests to access their services.